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ICON delivers ecological solutions that are pro-active in design. We utilize an outside-in approach to every service we perform. Pests are typically found all throughout nature because that is where they belong. People can understand and accept pests in that manner, but encountering these in or around businesses often generate a very negative and lasting impression that none can afford to let happen.

The establishment of an infestation occurs only when sanitation or structural conditions permit. Food, water, and shelter are all required for pests to thrive; remove any one of the three and prevention is starting to take place. ICON expert service personnel easily identify and provide solutions to such factors before the development of infestation can occur.  All discoveries will be clearly communicated to you and other key staff personally. Structural and sanitation conditions, all products used, and any pertinent recommendations are all documented in professionally written and concise reports. These real time signature based reports will remain on site in the ICON service journal (supplied by ICON). All MSDS, service records, insurance documentation, and TDA/ SPCB licenses will also be made available within the journal (multiple journals provided for health care facilities). If and when you receive an audit, everything you need is on hand and immediately available to you when you need it.  

ICON offers a wide array of available services for your commercial or industrial business. Through in depth site analysis and determination of your business requirements, ICON will design a program that is specifically tailored to your needs and the requirements of your industry.  We are here to serve you, our customer and partner.


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Through sustainable practice and an unwavering commitment to ongoing improvement, ICON is determined to deliver pest solutions that create unprecedented efficacy and environmental enhancement.

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